How to Download Azure Price Sheet

There are two ways to immediately lower your eye-watering Azure bill:

  • Buy Reserved Instances: which cover specific resources in a specific zone.
  • Buy Savings Plans: which covers all resources across all regions. (But you have less discounts than Reserved Instances)

The old good recipe: pay more to pay less.

Azure Price Sheet

Not even ChatGPT can guide you and as far as I can tell this is the the very first blog that will guide you through the process step by step.

  1. Go to the official Azure Price Sheet guide and click on the Try it button
    Azure Price Sheet Try it
  2. Login with your Azure account and forget about using the Azure REST API form the browser. Open Postman instead and paste this URL in a POST call:

    and replace the:
    {billingAccountsID} with the Billing Account ID you will find under Cost Management > Properties > General ID
    {billingProfilesID} with the Billing Profile ID you will find under Cost Management > Billing Profiles > {YourBillingProfile} > Properties
    Then copy/paste the Bearer token that you will find in the browser page in the Postman’s Headers (and don’t forget to delete the space at the end):
    Azure Price Sheet Postman 1
  3. You will receive a Status: 202 Accepted . Now go into the Headers in the response and copy the Location:
    Azure Price Sheet Postman 3
  4. Now paste that URL to a new Postman tab and fire a new GET call. The URL will fill up the Keys for you. Copy/paste the Bearer token again on the Headers:
    Azure Price Sheet Postman 4And now you can query that endpoint for a good 10 minutes and nothing will happen: you will keep receiving a Status: 202 Accepted.
  5. But after 10 minutes you will receive a Status: 202 OK and a download URL:
    Azure Price Sheet Postman 5
    Open that URL and you will download a .zip file with 4 CSV: that is your Azure Price Sheet.

Wait a sec, there must be a click and download button, right?


You can go to Cost Management > Invoices > choose one invoice > Download Price Sheet , but that button is broken, after 20 minutes you will receive an error and and you cannot download the Azure Price Sheet:

Azure Price Sheet Failing



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